Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

I wash my hands frequently and I moisturize religiously due to having dry skin. As a result, I am always on the lookout for "the perfect" hand lotion. My criterias are that it's non-greasy, not strongly scented, and make my hands feel soft and moisturized. I don't ask for much!

This lotion claims to be a rich, non-greasy lotion, and have Vitamins A & E, Eucalyptus, and Macadamia nut oil for dry, chapped, cracked hands. To use, it says to rub a nickel-size amount on hands. This claim was written on the back of the sample and on websites that sell this item.

You can purchase this item at Sephora, Amazon, and Ulta to name a few places that you can purchase from.

This is a picture of the sample that I've ripped open.

Applied on my hand.

Spreading the lotion on my hand.
Ok. This is my pros and cons that I have for this item.
1. Non greasy (as advertised).
2. Not strongly scented (there is a scent though).
3. Absorbs quickly.
1. Not moisturizing (I have dry skin, not cracked skin and I felt like I needed something more moisturizing to quench the dryness).
2. Need more than "nickel-size" amount for both hands... like at least quarter size. If I were to purchase this, I can see myself going through this really quickly.
3. Scent is slightly medicine-like. I can detect the Eucalyptus scent but also a medicine like scent and that turns me off.
Verdict: I will not be purchasing the full size item.
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