Sunday, April 28, 2013

Makeup Purchase Ban

I have make up that will last me multiple lifetimes. I blame it on my inability to say no to myself when I have an itch to buy makeup. I have that itch daily and it must be scratched! I blame it on my clever (ahem) way of reasoning with myself on the justification for purchasing makeup. For instance, I recently purchased $100 worth of skincare from The Body Shop. What did I say to myself while staring at the basket before checking out? Everything is 40%off and I will need these ingredients for my skin! I can give something to my sister or my mother (which is what I say to myself every time during my justification period, and I sometimes give)! Maybe I'll start a channel on YouTube and review products! I shouldn't spend the money but I want them! And they are 40%off!

I also stare at the basket for a long time to make sure that they are things I really want. I can't tell you how many times I play musical chairs on my basket for Sephora. I also thought about doing project ten-pan where you go on makeup purchasing ban until you finish 10 beauty items. I notice a lot of people do skincare and that's cheating in my opinion because you know you use more body lotion than bronzer!!

What has started me on this ban? You might ask.
1. I have makeup that will last me multiple lifetimes.
2. I have a new baby. Mr. H and I are contemplating whether I could be a full time stay at home mom for a year or two and that means we have to cut out some personal spending.
3. I get suckered into purchasing mostly Limited Edition items. I am suckering myself to buying makeup! Me! I have so much LE from MAC that sometimes I don't even know what I have when they repromote and I'll have to check my collection! Isn't that a problem!?
4. I am a sucker for sales. I check Sephora sale all the time! I check Hautelook, ruelala, gilt daily! I read makeup blogs multiple times a day where they talk about unbelievable sales!
5. I read beauty blogs every chance I get. The beautiful layout of the blog, pretty swatches, and the beautiful pictures makes me want to camp out in front of the stores overnight just to be able to buy it as soon as I can! Makes me wonder how they have endless supply of makeup, where do they get the funds for items that aren't sent by PR companies? Makeup isn't exactly cheap! Not the brands they talk about, mostly.
6. I have an urge to buy makeup every single day. It's an illness. In order to work on the problem is to first acknowledge that I have a problem.
7. Although Limited Edition comes out all the time, there really isn't a color that's new. I know I'm not going to put black blush on my cheeks, use purple bronzer, or green lipstick on my lips! I don't like Halloween.
And lastly, 8. Did I mention I have enough makeup to last me multiple lifetimes?

I wish I had been born into Estee Lauder's family just so I can roll around in makeup.

Any exceptions? Why, yes!
1. When I run out of something and I don't have a backup, I'll buy it. For example, hand soap, body wash, shampoo, body lotion, etc...
2. I will purchase Limited Edition MAC Paint Pots. I love them and I have to have them!
3. I will purchase mascara. That's just a sanitary issue. But only when I've run out of my backups. I have several.
4. I will accept purchases made for me by others. Recently my sister bought me CC cream from The Face Shop and my mother bought me CC cream from Ohui and a face mist from Etude House (I asked them to buy them for me but it was before I decided to go on the ban!).
5. Holiday sale and semi–annual sales. I usually stock up on antibacterial hand soap from Bath and Body works during their semi–annual sales. It's just good sense!
6. When I'm in another country, I'll lift the ban for items that cannot be purchased in the US. November, we are going to Korea.

When is the ban over?
I have not decided yet. At least until my baby turns a year (Jan, 2014). It needs to be for a lifetime but that's ridiculous! Makeup inevitably goes bad and that's bad for the skin!

How will I get through it?
By ranting and raving here on my blog, I think. By the end of my ban, you will all see what kinds of psychotic moments I go through when I want to buy makeup and what craziness Mr. H has to put up with because of my withdrawal.

Let the ban begin!

Thanks for reading!
Comments are always welcome!

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