Saturday, May 4, 2013

Empties #1

Here are a few things that I (some items with the help of Mr. H) finished. Finishing a product gives me so much joy!
Bath and Body work Antibacterial deep cleansing handsoap  in Holly Berry Wreath. No longer available on their website. I love their handsoap, it's the only things I use at my house!
Organix Shampoo in Moroccan Argan Oil. Purchased at Ulta. I really like the smell of the shampoo, I don't like that it doesn't lather well and it doesn't seem to moisturize my hair as I thought it would. I have a couple of back ups of these, once they are finished, I will not be repurchasing this item.
Neutrogena rainbath renewing shower and bath gel in Pear and Green Tea. Purchased at Ulta. Loved the scent. It wasn't drying but it wasn't exactly moisturizing either. I don't think it will be repurchased.
Listerine mouth wash. Purchased at BJ's. It's refreshing, will be repurchased.
Colgate Optic White toothpaste. Purchased at CVS. Family loves this toothpaste. Will be repurchased.
Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe - Both came as a bonus of a bigger Ponds packet. I don't remember where I purchased it but available at drugstores. The scent is too strong for my face and since I have a baby now, I don't want that smell to transfer to my baby's face! It took off makeup well including my waterproof mascara. I will not be purchasing the specific scent.
Simple Cleansing faical wipes. Purchased at Walgreens. It's meant for sensitive skin and it did take off makeup decently but not great, I still had to go in with a toner to completely remove the makeup. It did ok in removing my waterproof mascara. The scent isn't strong so it wasn't offensive. I'm not sure that I will repurchase this item.
IOPE Essential Soothing Cream. Gift from my mother, purchased in Korea. LOVE this cream. I have another one of this that I'm currently using for my dry skin. There is a scent but it's not bad nor good. I have really dry skin so this is as the name has it and Essential part of my skincare! I've already asked my mother to purchase one for me when she visits me again!
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