Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Terrible makeup day

Today, after about an hour after putting on makeup, on the way to drop off my child to daycare, I had to remove all my makeup in the car!

My skin has been especially dry in the last few days so this morning, I figure maybe I'll go light on makeup. I decided to the apply Garnier skin perfector bb cream with the body shop all–in–one bb cream.

Why put two bb creams on, you might ask?

After testing out both bb creams out, it seemed they were more of tinted moisturizers than a true bb cream.

So I applied two layers of the bb cream and then did my regular blush, bronzer, highlighter, and set the makeup with pressed powder and spray.

I noticed the color ran a little darker and orange for my complexion so I blend blend blend!

I'm sitting at a red light and do a final check of my look on the mirror. Oh the indignity! (that's from Thomas and friends, for those of you womdering) I notice my skin is looking a little bumpy so I touch the area to feel and then my makeup started peeling! PEELING! EEK!
I started to touch other parts of my makeup and the same thing! Oh the indignity!

I quickly reached into my diaper bag and promptly removed all of my makeup with baby wipes. Luckily, I keep a bottle of Skyn Iceland Artic Face Mist at work to give a little moisture to the face. It has definitely put a damper in my morning!

I'm going to have to retry those bb creams again! Oh brother!

Thanks for reading!

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