Monday, May 6, 2013

Makeup ban rant #1

So I get the Sunday newspaper delivered. One of my joy is to look at the drugstore circulars to scope out makeup sales and then to look through the coupons, clip coupons, organize coupons and dream/plan of what I will be purchasing that week... If there is something worthy like all the new limited edition things that are popping up!

I admit it. I clipped some coupons thinking I'll need them for mascaras. NO! I don't need them. So what did I do after I clipped the coupons? I threw them away. Another crisis averted.

Mr. H and I decided I will be a stay at home mom and now the real cruncher begins. He was looking through some of our spending and the dirty looks and comments I got for making $130ish purchase I made at MAC when their In Extra Dimension collection launched, the Balm when they had their relaunching website sale, Hautelook purchase of my beloved Embroylioss, and the Body Shop skincare...  and then the lecture of how all my makeup will expire before I can use the all... Blah blah blah. I informed him of my purchase ban and he didn't seem too convinced! That's Ok! I love that kind of I will show you challenge!

Since I've started the ban, I have not purchased anything related to beauty. I have gone to CVS and longingly look at makeup and touched them but no purchases. Yay me!

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