Monday, June 3, 2013

Haul: Cracked under coupon

Confession time.
I broke my makeup ban! I have a good excuse but ultimately its an excuse. However, I felt compelled to share my excuse.
A few days ago, I received a coupon from CVS with 20% off your purchase. I also frequent CVS and print coupons from the coupon machine, you know, the extra care card coupons, and I save them... Mostly the makeup ones. I also had two rare buy one get one free coupons. I also had manufacturer's coupons totaling $18. I'll do the math at the end. Here's a picture of what I purchased!
 I purchased:
Vichy ProEven Mineral BB Cream in Medium $33
2 Simple Radiance cleansing wipes (I had a coupon for buy one get one free) 6.79 each
Garnier Anti-wrinkle Firming Eye Cream $15.99
Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream $8.99
Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo and Conditioner (I also had a coupon for buy one get one free) $4.99
Not pictured were vitamins I had to purchase for the family costing $21.08.
The breakdown:
The total without any coupons was $107.23. EEK! When I saw the total, I freaked a little!
With CVS 20% off coupon, took off $20.90
Then had CVS coupons totalling $11
Then for Simple BOGO, the machine took off $6.99 rather than $6.79
Then for Clear BOGO, the machine took off $5.99 rather than $4.99
Then I had various coupons totalling $18
The total came to $44.35 (which included tax).
I was an honest buyer and did point out that Simple and Clear were not the price the coupons deducted but the cashier said "take what you can get" and continued with the transaction. As a bonus, I also ended up with $5 extrabucks for later use! How can I not break my ban! Would this be considered free money? If it is, would it be bad to purchase makeup with it? Ah! Dilemmas!
For my makeup ban, I cracked and purchased the Vichy BB cream. I have heard great things about the brand and it's generally so expensive that I would not have purchased if I didn't have a coupon. Part of my $18 coupon was $5 coupon from Vichy from my Sunday paper.
Thanks for reading!
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